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Six Tips for Staying Positive

It’s no secret that our level of happiness fluctuate day to day. Depending on what’s going on in our lives and the state of the world in general, we feel much happier some days than we do others. But, regardless of outside factors, there are things we can do every single day to keep ourselves as positive as possible. Read More

Here’s How You Can Help Save the Ocean

The ocean connects us all.  It connects countries, ethnic and socio-economic groups, land life with sea life. If our rivers are our veins running through our earth, perhaps the ocean is our lungs. After all, our lungs are about 83% water and the oceans cover 75% of the earth’s surface. The ocean sustains all life on earth, absorbing 30% of all carbon dioxide. Read More

Five Surprising Facts About Yoga

Let’s talk yoga. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years, tried it once with a free pass or have learned bits and pieces about it from your roommate, there’s no doubt that yoga is on your radar. You’ve probably heard that people start practicing yoga for different reasons, whether it be to improve their mental health or their physical well-being. But there’s probably also a lot you don’t know about the practice. Here are five surprising facts about yoga. Read More

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Meditation

Meditation is becoming more and more popular with all kinds of people - whether you’re a banker, a stay-at-home dad, a Starbucks barista or a backpacker, chances are you could be benefiting from a good meditation session. But lots of people don’t even realize what meditation is. Well, luckily you have us to guide you. Read More