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The Top Ten Conscious Films of 2020

What makes a film conscious and what makes a film entertaining are not always the same thing. We at Conscious Good place a high value on both. So we have chosen films that are both conscious and good as a guide for your streaming consciousness and entertainment. From deep spiritual messages, to unconventional yet profound journeys, to eye-opening documentaries here’s what really stood out to me in what was a truly great year for conscious cinema (in no particular order): This includes getting to watch thousands of hours annually of some the best shorts and features designed to impact us in... Read More

10 Binge-Worthy TV Series With Conscious Themes

As the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, former Head of Content for GAIAMTV (Gaia), and now Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, I’ve always been on the pulse of consciousness elevating entertainment. Within each of these positions there has been one constant: the privilege of getting to watch thousands of hours of the best conscious content the world has to offer annually. In hopes of saving you the time of having to put in those same hours, in December of 2019 I put together a list of 10 of the best conscious films from 2019 that I personally believe... Read More