Review of Gray is the New Blonde |

The purpose of Cause Cinema is to inspire change. Gray is the new Blonde falls neatly into this genre, as their mission is to share the inherent beauty of natural, gray hair. The film suggests women “ditch the hair dye and embrace their gorgeous grays.”

Filmmaker Victoria Marie guides us through her investigation, from the past public perception and clear double standards, through the massive brainwashing of the hair style product industry. Any of us sporting some gray knows that catchy Clairol jingle from the 80’s – “We’re gonna wash that Gray right outta your hair.”

We explore the messaging that convinced women they were better off coloring their hair. That they would look younger, and more attractive It’s hard to believe but more than 75% of women were dying their hair. Many of them were put down by friends, family and shallow men. Early perceptions lead to socialization, and habits are hard to break. But like any movement, it just has to be triggered, and then supported by a growing call for change.

It certainly helps to see a few positive examples from the film and TV industries. Sure, Richard Gere and George Clooney will always fall into the silver fox category; but it’s nice to see Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren and even Lady Gaga get into the act.

Like anything else, change takes time, and we learn about the transition that takes place in going gray. Without giving it all away, know there is a process to realizing this new look. The grow out has its challenges, but the psychological and financial benefits are well worth it. Surveys even show men turning the corner, beginning to embrace the natural and sophisticated look that accompanies the graying trend. Many choose gorgeous gray ladies over their simple brunette counterparts.

The verdict is in. Save time. Save money. And save your natural look. In the film, when women are questioned about the idea of finally embracing their gray hair, there is a unanimous word to describe how it feels. Liberating. Like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, movements have to start somewhere. With Gray is the New Blonde, a new trend is alive and well.