FAQ | CGood TV

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn about your subscription plans?


Where can I sign up for a subscription?


Can I purchase a subscription plan via an App such as Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV?  

  • Purchase your subscription on our website or mobile site:  https://watch.cgood.tv/join then use your login and password to access via Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV.


What to do if you forgot your password?


 How to update your password?

  • Once signed in, you can go to ‘My Account’ in the top right. Then select ‘Security’ to change their password. 


 How to change payment options?

  • Once signed in, you can go to ‘My Account’ in the top right.  Then select ‘Billing’ to change your payment options.


 How to cancel your plan?


How to change/upgrade plans


Do you have any other tech issues not addressed above?


How do I purchase an On Demand film?

  • Please purchase via our website, before viewing in an App.


What type of films appear on CGood TV?

  • Our editors source world-class programming from independent filmmakers.  Each title selected is reviewed and appears on CGood TV based on meeting the following criteria;  

CGood.TV content is focused on providing inspirational, uplifting and educational stories which challenge conventional worldview.  We offer the viewer the opportunity to expand their consciousness, experience personal growth and come away with positive view of our shared world.

We strive to insure our content does not contain:

Gratuitous sex or violence or exploitation, commercials, fear without courage, despair without hope. 


Do you take film submissions?  

-Feature length films

-Short films




-Reality shows



Is CGood TV a non-profit or for-profit? 

  • CGood TV is a for profit entity BUT a percentage of the revenue from each film is paid to the filmmaker to make sure the independent filmmaker community is supported and can continue to create films which expand our consciousness.