An Essay on The Life of Trees | CGood TV

By Deirdre Hade

The old adage goes “every picture tells a story.” This is true however; it can as easily be said that “every tree tells a story.” Ecologists read tree rings to learn the story of our history informing us of the weather and natural conditions from hundreds of years ago. But there is another story that is also revealed through the trees.

In the mystical tradition, dating back to 3000 B.C., we find hieroglyphics and drawings exalting the trees as the keepers of wisdom and the possessors of hidden keys to access the information and intelligence of the universe. In other words, consciousness.

Buddha became enlightened while sitting under the Bodhi Tree. Yeshua (Jesus) would walk among the Cedars of Lebanon to gain healing and insight. And we cannot forget poor Eve who ate from the wrong tree in the Garden of Eden, ( the truth of this tale is too long to go into here I am afraid.)

Trees have a communication system running through their roots. Science has now discovered that trees send information through their root system for thousands of miles warning other trees of impending danger. The Aspen Trees of North America are said to have the largest underground network of root communication. Recently it has been revealed, ( Fabulous Fungi documentary) that all tree roots work with the micro fungi within soil to communicate and share information to ensure everyone’s survival.

When one steps back and looks upon our earth from a holistic perspective, the trees of our mother earth are the carriers of communication and deep knowledge arising from the core of mother earth’s wisdom. This story is the epic saga of our existence as humans on planet earth alongside all of the other creatures. Why did Buddha sit underneath the Bodhi tree? Was it only because he wanted some shade against the hot sun? I don’t think so. In the ancient mystical traditions, they speak of the knowledge of trees. It is stated that by listening and communing with a tree, one can achieve a state of higher consciousness, the powerful union of oneness with “All That Is”.

As we share our stories of overcoming anxiety, obstacles, persecution…we discover who we are at a deeper level. This is why story is such an important path for self-discovery. All great spiritual traditions and religions are founded upon stories. Stories of loss – finding redemption, hatred turning – to love, and justice returning honor and faith in God. We now find ourselves in the new consciousness of ‘One’ world, facing global climate change and a pandemic all together globally. Now our individual stories have all come together into one epic story. We ask where do we go from here? What do we do? Will we survive? Consciousness, which is everything, seeks to know and understand and expand its awareness of itself…as Deepak Chopra says. Therefore, we must listen evermore deeply to the wisdom consciousness and the story that the trees have for us.

Several years ago, one late afternoon while sitting beneath an ancient oak tree meditating, I heard a voice. The voice said, “your physical body is descended from the animal kingdom. However, your soul is descended from us, the trees.” The ancient oak tree which were clearly hundreds of years old, continued to speak, “Study and learn how we as the trees operate, how we move energy, how we live, how we transmute carbon dioxide into oxygen to give your life, how we inhale life force energy in the winter to stay alive, how we bloom in the spring, grow leaves, and produce fruit for you to eat. Study our way of being, and you will come to know your own soul, the forgotten core of your existence. For your soul is what gives you life. If you did not have a soul, you would not be alive. Your human soul and our tree soul are identical. Different yet the same. The way that you communicate with us and we communicate with you, is through the bond that our souls have with each other, as your soul is a descendent of us, the Trees. The next great leap of consciousness will happen when the people of the earth and the trees of the earth become best friends and family again.”

I opened my eyes and looked into the sunlight filtering through the lens of the great oak tree. An awe of overwhelming love encompassed me. I felt my soul and this great kingdom of trees had found its way to each other again. A deep peace, a serenity came over me.

Perhaps our next evolutionary step is to go from being a ‘tree-hugger’ to ‘being a tree’ the consciousness of a peaceful tranquil tree. Maybe this is the story of our soul we are to write for ourselves to ensure our survival in the future world. Could this be what the ancient mystics wanted to tell us all along?


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