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What is Conscious Media?

Consciousness itself is a somewhat nebulous and esoteric word with as many different definitions as there are people. Personally, I like Michael Singer’s definition of consciousness: “As you go deeper into yourself, you will naturally come to realize that there is an aspect of your being that is always there and never changes. This is your sense of awareness, your consciousness.” Read More

Review of Gray is the New Blonde

The purpose of Cause Cinema is to inspire change. Gray is the new Blonde falls neatly into this genre, as their mission is to share the inherent beauty of natural, gray hair. The film suggests women “ditch the hair dye and embrace their gorgeous grays.” Read More

How a Korean TV Series Helped Me Heal

Right now, humanity is being confronted by a terrifyingly potent force, causing a shared universal experience. No one is immune. We’re all living through this global pandemic. COVID-19 is now the third cause of death in the US, after heart disease and cancer, to say nothing of the destruction and loss it has caused our communities and our families, mine included. Read More

Discovering David Bohm: The Visionary Scientist and Spiritual Man.

I discovered David Bohm in a Medieval village in Tuscany, Italy around 2005. Prior to that I knew nothing of him. Having just completed INFINITE POTENTIAL – The Life and Ideas of David Bohm about his groundbreaking work in physics and the deep spiritual implications therein, the question for me was: how come I had never heard about this extraordinary man and his work? After all he was the one that Einstein nominated as his “spiritual successor” and his Holiness the Dalai Lama called his “Science Guru”. Read More