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Discovering David Bohm: The Visionary Scientist and Spiritual Man.

I discovered David Bohm in a Medieval village in Tuscany, Italy around 2005. Prior to that I knew nothing of him. Having just completed INFINITE POTENTIAL – The Life and Ideas of David Bohm about his groundbreaking work in physics and the deep spiritual implications therein, the question for me was: how come I had never heard about this extraordinary man and his work? After all he was the one that Einstein nominated as his “spiritual successor” and his Holiness the Dalai Lama called his “Science Guru”. Read More

The Top Ten Conscious Films of 2020

What makes a film conscious and what makes a film entertaining are not always the same thing. We at Conscious Good place a high value on both. So we have chosen films that are both conscious and good as a guide for your streaming consciousness and entertainment. From deep spiritual messages, to unconventional yet profound journeys, to eye-opening documentaries here’s what really stood out to me in what was a truly great year for conscious cinema (in no particular order): This includes getting to watch thousands of hours annually of some the best shorts and features designed to impact us in... Read More

Soul Talk on the Hill: Can Spirituality and Politics Govern?

Have you ever wondered who our congressional leaders are? What do they really believe, beyond what we know of their policies? Who are the people making the decisions for the lives of citizens in America? “Soul Talk on the Hill,” a series hosted by Sister Jenna takes us into the halls of the U.S. Capitol as she engages in heart-to-heart conversations with some of our Congressional leaders. The series takes us where no policy hearing ever has. Together, we will discover the heart and minds of the men and women of the United States Congress. Read More

An Essay on The Life of Trees

The old adage goes “every picture tells a story.” This is true however; it can as easily be said that “every tree tells a story.” Ecologists read tree rings to learn the story of our history informing us of the weather and natural conditions from hundreds of years ago. But there is another story that is also revealed through the trees. Read More