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We believe stories can help every human being feel connected to themselves each other and to something greater.


We are dedicated to supporting the world’s most inspiring independent filmmakers and content creators by showcasing their art in a streaming service that celebrates the awareness that we are all interconnected.


CGood TV is the premiere streaming destination for the best in conscious film, series, podcasts and more



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Our Team

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Trina Wyatt

Founder & CEO

For many years, Trina has been a leader in entertainment and in raising consciousness, and now she is leading where they intersect: at the forefront of conscious media. Besides being a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, Trina is proud to have conceived of and launched the Tribeca Film Festival as its Founding Director. Trina has also held leadership positions at GAIA (Head of Content), Prana Studios, Intrepid Pictures and Film Independent and Withoutabox (helping sell it to IMDb). Trina received her MBA from NYU Stern and is an avid yoga practitioner, having completed her 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

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Lorraine Hess


Lorraine Hess is a producer/programmer and tastemaker based in San Francisco, CA. Co-Founder/VP Programming/Acquisitions LINKTV.org, producer for PBS series Global Spirit, and consultant for Bertha Foundation, KCETLINK, Conscious Good, DocLands Film Festival and others. Over the years, Lorraine has followed her passion to produce and curate programming that opens our eyes to the people and cultures of the world with stories that transform, rouse, inspire, galvanize and provoke.

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Daniel Karslake

Executive Director of Non-Profit

Award-winning director/producer whose latest feature, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO (Tribeca 2019), is a follow-up to his landmark documentary, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO (Sundance 2007) which examines the intersection of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Karslake’s second film, EVERY THREE SECONDS (NOIFF 2014), is about the amazing potential in each of us to change the world. Dan currently serves as the Acting Executive Director of Conscious Goodness, the non-profit sister company of Conscious Good.

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Cassandra Ciarallo

Social Media Manager

Cassandra Ciarallo adores storytelling through the lens of social media, as it is a powerful way for individuals to stay connected, learn and engage in activism. She has spent years sharing her story and those of others in this medium and is inspired to influence the collective shift to intentional consumption and living. She is applying her skill of content development and creation to CGoodTV and is grateful to align her passions to a company dedicated to elevating consciousness.

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Jessica Buzzard

Marketing & Brand

Former Head of Brand, Content, & Creative for Sundance Institute, and a career of marketing leadership for cultural brands.

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Ryan Anderson

Web Developer
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Faith Bendt

Graphic Designer

Faith opened her graphic design company in L.A. in 2008 before eventually setting up shop down south in Nashville. Now serving clients across the country, she has worked within a wide range of industries over the past 11 years but has found her niche and passion in working with entrepreneurs, yoga teachers and mindfulness clients such as Conscious Good.

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Daniel Lin


Daniel is an operations improvement expert. His philosophy is to build processes that makes for an efficient back-office operations and thus enabling others to spend more time on the organization's mission. He has worked at startups such as Groupon and Uber. Daniel graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Pomona College.



We welcome new ideas and new ways of doing things and, in fact, close minded-ness is a non-starter. We recognize that all belief systems are valid. Curiosity is a goal, not a distraction.


We are who we say we are. We want to get to know more about ourselves and others. We don’t have time for superficiality.


Time is precious, and we will sift through the options (so you don’t have to) and highlight the best of the best.


We are committed to nurturing ourselves and our communities in equal measure.


Love not fear is our motivating force. We celebrate positive, helpful attitudes and optimistic spirits.